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Give your Child the WINNING EDGE!

Our Kids Mixed Martial Arts Program Will Change Your Child's Life!

Parents If You Have a Child 3-6 or 7-12 Our program can and WILL help your child increase their confidence, self-esteem, discipline, while teaching them life skills that will last them a lifetime.

We Have 3 Programs That Will Absolutely Change Your Child's Life ,And The Great Thing About It You Have Options TO Keep the Benefits Of Training Going All Year


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In our programs your child will experience

Personal Attention

Increased Confidence

Better Grades

Mental Development

A Determination to Reach Goals

Physical Increase in Strength

Realistic Self Defense Skills

Parents, just like you, have been totally blown away by the changes they have seen in their kids and they absolutely love it!

Don't take our word for it check it out for your self then give us a call. When you come in a see what our kids MMA program is all about, You will wonder why you didn't call sooner!

"The Program Is So Attentive To Kids!"

"My son first started he was very shy, but the program is disciplined and attentive to kids that he loves coming here."

Negron Family Abingdon, Maryland



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(Free Week Of After School Program)
Attention Parents!!!

If Your Child Goes To School In Belcamp, Aberdeen, Riverside, Havre De Grace, Edgewood, Or Joppa We Will Pick Them Up From School In Our After School Program.

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Learn How to give your child the jump start to a successful life! We Will Pick Them Up!

That you are reading through our kids page we have no doubt that you are the type of parent that does everything in your power to help your kid be the very best they can possibly be! But in those 2-4 hours after school, when your child is alone, even the Best parents need help.

What is your Child Doing during those very important 2-4 hrs alone?

In most cases kids during this time fall victim to idol hands and idle time, which is a recipe for disaster and this happens with the best parenting! Parents of kids in our after school program, have the peace of mind that their child is in structured environment and that they are learning skills that ensure SUCCESS! Wouldn’t be nice to know that your child is with a program whose sole purpose is to teach and sharpen the essentials for a successful live.

And because kids are training in our martial system every day, those same martial arts qualities like, self confidence, self discipline, respect, honor ,and a can do attitude are ingrained in their lives.

Don’t be satisfied with what they are learning in school, thinking they are getting the same qualities because they’re not.

Students who attend Top Flight’s Mixed Martial Arts Academy are steps ahead of their peers because we teach these qualities and skills, and how to use them to their fullest potential.

Before you think about signing you child up to a day care you need to understand how much more our program will benefit your child.

Save Time And Set Your Appointment Online Now To Start Your Child's 30 Day Free Trial



Rave Review

“I love the influence Top Flight is having on his life.”  

I love how the Top Flight Instructors push the kids to be the best in everything. They teach the kids to excel in Martial Arts and Life. Since being with Top Flight MMA, my grandson, Joshua's manners, confidence, and grades have improved. Just last school year Joshua was having trouble with his grades. Joshua's father and I laid down some guide lines for Joshua and Master Ron had put Joshua on a special training program to compliment our disciplinary actions. By the end of the school year Joshua brought his E's up to B's. Joshua is now in 7th grade at Aberdeen Middle School. I really appreciate how the instructors encourages the kids to push for excellence in school. If their grades are down they won't let the kids take part in special activities like competitions and demonstrations. Joshua loves coming to class and is excited about his training especially since he just got promoted to green belt and is now one step closer to Black Belt. I love the influence Top Flight is having on his life.

Joane White

Rave Review

“This is the best program that we have been involved with.”

Megan really enjoys studying at Top Flight Mixed Martial Arts. The instructors take their time with the students ensuring that they get the best instruction possible, and that they accomplish the techniques before moving on. This is the best program that we have been involved with.

David F. Thornton
SFC, U.S. Army
16th Ord Bn
APG, MD 21005

Rave Review

"I think all kids should come to your class just for the discipline itself"

Master Ron, first I want to wish you a Happy New Year! I just want to thank you for all your hard work with the kids in class. Anyone that comes and looks in on your classes can tell you and the instructors are very dedicated to the kids and not at just teaching them Jiu-jitsu but teaching them respect, discipline and what's important in life. I have seen how you have built self confidence in the kids in the class and I really appreciate that with Ashely. Ashely is a great kid but she had lacked that self confidence in herself that you have shown her she had.

Ashely has just prospered from your class and I recommend your class to all my friends. You don't just teach them the moves but you teach them what the moves are and when they would use them. There are some instructors that don't teach the kids that. You always preach that doing good in school is first before martial arts class and have even challenged them to getting all A's and I really respect you for that. I can tell that it's not just about the class to you its about so much more. The discipline you enforce is great, I think all kids should come to your class just for the discipline itself, there are a lot of kids that lack that and parents that need help enforcing it. I just can't tell you enough how much I appreciate you and your instruction and look forward to another great year with you.

Escort Detachment
Aberdeen Proving Grounds