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Want to take your MMA game up to the next level and have skills like Top UFC/Strike Force/ Bellator fighters or simply trade out your Chubby Figure for a Rock Hard Beach Body?

No matter what your desires are Top Flight’s MMA program as a class for. See why residents of Aberdeen, Edgewood, Bel Air, Forest Hill, Abingdon, Belcamp, Cecil County, and Baltimore Maryland (MD) absolutely love Top Flight’s  MMA and MMA Fitness training programs

Hear what undefeated 9-0  UFC fighter Phil “Mr. Wonderful” Davis has to say about it.

“If you are serious about being a world class MMA fighter, then it’s a no brainer you have to come check out my teammate Ron “Choir Boy” Stallings at the Team Lloyd Irvin Aberdeen Headquarters”

Phil ‘Mr. Wonderful’ Davis


Trying Top Flight MMA out was the best decision ever. They have made my dreams come true! I’ve got the opportunity to train with UFC fighters like Kris McCray and Phil Davis and use what I’ve learned in real MMA cage fights. Coach Ron has taken me from a scrappy high school wrestler with little submission or striking ability and turned me into well rounded MMA fighter. I’m looking forward to more victories in the cage!

Jesse W.
WKA Mixed Martial Arts MMA Champion
Rising Sun , Cecil County MD

I have absolutely no intentions over ever stepping into the cage but the MMA training I receive here is the real deal. Nowhere else in Harford County can you find such expertise with a clean friendly environment. For those who are just looking for an awesome cardio work out like I was, I would say that training MMA is the best fitness training. I lost 35lb in the first 2 months
Bel Air, MD


We want to give you 30 FREE Days of training, FREE Training Gear, FREE training video, and a FREE MMA Private Lesson just to try out our one of a kind MMA training program. No Commitment or Obligation! All you have to do is CALL and come in to get you FREE STUFF. Call line is open 24hrs


Why Train at Top Flight MMA?

Mixed Martial Arts

Top Flight MMA’s instruction as been tested in competition and been approved by Master Lloyd Irvin. We train and prepare people from all walks of life, whether they are looking to get in shape and live a healthy life style, or looking to step foot in the OCTAGON. Come In now and Take advantage of our “NO OBLIGATION Free 30 day trial”. You have the option of trying all programs to see which one fits you best. Students on our 30 day program have dramatically noticed decreases in stress and weight and increases in stamina and strength. Don’t take our word for it just listen to our students as you read through our website. Here is your chance to take it in and TAKE ACTION!

A Program that fits You!

Get into the best shape of your life!

We get so many people, who tell us that “I Don’t want to be a part of a program that doesn’t fit me.”

The great thing about our adult program is that we let you try it out for a full 30 days before you have to make a decision. And we say this with the utmost confidence because many times while a student is taking advantage of our 30-day trial they end up joining our program. The choice is ultimately yours but we’ve made it drop dead simple to test-drive our Mixed Martial Arts program with no obligation at all.

We just want to prove that Top Flight MMA has what you are looking for. There is no time like the present no matter what interest are.

Looking For Self-Defense?

Learn to defend yourself!

Everyone has to know how to take care of themselves, this is mandatory for all people not just fighters, point blank! Especially in this day time when violent attacks are indiscriminate, and if you are not 6’5” 230lb of solid muscle YOU ARE TARGET! That freakin’ sucks walking around in fear, scared to go out and enjoy yourself. Even worst is being under the impression that you traditional martial arts training or your “street fighting skills” is good enough to keep you alive.

Here is the straight forward truth, you need to be able to defend yourself on the ground and on your feet.

If you are not training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, sambo, submission wrestling, judo, boxing, muay thai, MMA and being under instruction that as competed in these areas you don’t know what you are doing and you are being lead in that direction of false security! We here at Top Flight MMA have competition tested instruction and with that experience and first hand knowledge.We can effectively train you to defend yourself. And plus doing what the Pro’s do at you own speed is an extreme confidence booster, fun, and self assuring.

Looking To Get In Shape?

Taking care of your body is essential.

Taking care of your body is essential and let’s face it there are a lot of people that have health issues inherited from their families. And when it comes to your health this matter is black and white, either you get active and live a healthy live or you DON’T and you deal with the consequence that is if you make it that long.

We can guarantee you from taking 1-2 hr out of your week to kick and punch pads under our instruction, you will see phenomenal and exciting results.

And while we are talking about exciting, how excited will you be when others notice your new physique?

So You Want To Be A Fighter?

Talk is cheap.

One of the most annoying things that we come across at Top Flight is that person who talks a good game. This applies to anything, “I’m going to lose this weight, I’m going to get serious and train to be a champ, I’m going to be a MMA fighter!”BLAH BLAH BLAH or better yet TALK TALK TALK TALK TALK.

Just go do it already. If you know anybody like that then you feel our pain, but if you are that talker then you are annoying someone close to you and putting a strain on that relationship. All is not lost though; you have 30 Free days to cash that check that your mouth has been writing.

There are specific programs in place for our aspiring MMA fighters to cover every aspect of fighting in the cage, the ring, any other platform. We meet students at whatever level the come to us in. A fighter has to be groomed in the basics and not thrown in with the advanced students to get beat up. A Fighter has to be well conditioned, mind and body. These steps have to be walked so you can get to you full potential.

Attention Beginners!!!

Become a lean mean fighting machine.

Before you go any further you must watch this video. Understand that we can turn anybody that is willing into hardcore lean mean fighting machine. And understand that we make a lot of champions but only about 20% of our students compete or train for high level competitions.

We are sharing this not to down play combat athletes and our competition programs but to show that majority of our students come to learn the most effective self-defense and to get in killer shape, we’re talking about six packs and tones legs and arms. But never the less we do all this in a way where any body and do it.

The program is systematically design to take a out of shape novice and turn them into a confident, strong, and healthy individual. We have beginner and competition level classes for all our programs.

Watch the video then give us a call 410-272-3799

What Do I Need To Start?

An open mind. A winning attitude.

All you need is a open mind, winning attitude, and the will to get what you came for.

At the very least we are offering 30 days Free to get you on your way.

Call now to schedule your visit and for all our visitors we are giving away Training T-Shirts 410-272-3799

Read through the rest of the website to get a full overview of all the benefits from our different programs and check out our videos